Mayflower Moments

Join Fellow SMD SC Members on Zoom to learn about various topics. We will meet on the Second Thursday of the month at 7pm. We have the following sessions planned:

  • June 10- Bonnie Wade Mucia will tell us about The Family History Center and their searchable Online tools to help you on your Genealogical journey.
  • July 8- Join Ernest Blevins in a look back at an SMD SC Founding Member (his grandfather) Samuel Lapham, who was an architect. Lapham’s firm (established in 1920) were early historic preservationists and designed new buildings in South Carolina. They were influential in the Charleston Historic Preservation Ordinance in 1931, the first preservation ordinance in the nation.
  • August 12- Bonnie Wade Mucia returns discuss the Mayflower Silver Books, the status on their updates, and how to use them to aid your genealogical research.
  • October 14- Join Denise Brola for a discussion about one of her Pilgrim Fathers- Miles Standish.
  • December 9- Stacy Wiegman will discuss ‘The Second Ship’, which will explore the people that arrived at Plimouth in 1623, reuniting family and friends, and introducing new colonists.

If you would like the Zoom meeting link for the Mayflower Moment please send an email to Melana Maxie at