The application fee is $230, of which $125 must accompany the application when it is ready to be submitted to Plymouth for approval. The $105 balance, plus SC annual membership dues of $70, is due once the application is approved. (In any calendar year, applications that are approved in the months of September, October, November or December will receive a discount on that calendar year's dues; the following calendar year's dues are also payable on application approval.)

When an applicant is descended from more than one Mayflower passenger, one supplemental application can be submitted, with the first-time membership application, for $230, of which $125 must accompany the supplementary application when it goes to Plymouth. Additional documentation is needed to the point where both lines join in. The $125 fee is nonrefundable in the unlikely event that Plymouth should reject the submitted lineage. The $105 balance of the supplemental application fee is due once the supplemental application is approved by Plymouth, but there is no SC additional annual dues payment required with the supplemental application. Supplemental applications are submitted on a Preliminary Application Form, Supplement, separate from the first-time membership Preliminary Application Form.

Junior membership is for Mayflower descendants under 18 years old. The fee is $25.


The application form is three pages. The first page is for the contact information. The second page is the explanation of the fees and a place to list your chosen options. The third page is for the synopsis that is your lineage starting with the Mayflower passenger down to the applicant. Feel free to make as many copies of this form as you need, but only submit one lineage when applying for membership.

We do encourage those who are already members to officially document additional lines. The fee for this supplemental process is a one-time fee of $230. As with applying initially, please submit only one supplemental line at a time. Once one has been approved, you can submit another.